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Member Spotlight

What in the world is a Dental Couch Potato?

    This oddly named product is helping patients relax and have a little more fun during dental appointments at Dr. Gary Llewellyn’s, Speedway dental office. During dental visits, the non-glare dental lights and flat panel T.V. monitors are an outstanding feature in each room. Their dental rooms are equipped with an educational and entertainment viewing system, interestingly called the Dental Couch Potato.

    The Dental Couch Potato allows patients to watch their choice of television, DVD’s, check out digital photographs, pictures of their mouths and/or dental educational videos during appointments. Most patients’ share they almost forget they are at the dentist when using this system, which includes sound blocking headphones. The Couch Potato is especially nice for patients who feel anxious during dental appointments, dread hearing the sound of the drill or require longer procedures.

    Dr. Llewellyn states, “We are always interested in products and services that help our patients feel even more comfortable during dental visits. This has certainly been a popular selection. Who would have thought that being a Couch Potato was so cool! ”

Dr. Gary Llewellyn is accepting new patient appointments by calling 317-291-7550.
Visit their office website at www.indydentist.net

Gary L. Llewellyn DDS

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