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All My Relations

" Mitakuye oyasin-- We are all related. All are welcome here "

I've had a dream since 1989 to have a place where all people could come, no matter what color, sex, age, or creed, where all would be welcome. In a time in my life when I was going through some very distressing circumstances, I was hurting physically and emotionally, confused and lost, I found such a place in Southern Florida, run by a Lakota women, Sparrow Hawk. In this wonderful store I found unconditional love, acceptance, and the willingness of all to share their knowledge and beliefs. There was no judgment offered, no condemnation, all were welcome. For several years I have been told, "We need to have something on the Westside, there's nothing on the Westside of Indianapolis for us to go to!". And I have been saying "I am going to open a store, have a classroom, and create a place where all are welcome...someday...When I have enough money, when I have enough time, when....someday"

In January 2002 I finally acknowledged that someday would probably never come if I kept waiting for it to magically appear. I realized that if I was ever going to have such a place, I'd have to simple jump in with both feet, give up my safe ideas of financial security, make the time, and trust in the creator to provide me with what I needed, when I needed it, to make it happen. I kept feeling the shop needed to be in Speedway, and I finally found a spot that felt right, that would work. I ran into many difficulties along the way but they eventually all seemed to work themselves out. On opening day we didn't even have a sign over the front door, but people began to come, they came in, looked around, laughed and said "What can we do to help" Friends, family and strangers pitched in to help create this wonderful place and it has continued to grow in this wonderful fashion. Teachers have come and asked to be allowed to teach in our classroom, gifted healers and spiritualist, craftsman and traders have appeared at the right time to offer their services. Together we are all creating a wonderful place for all to enjoy. On the front door is a small sign I have written which says " Mitakuye oyasin-- We are all related. All are welcome here " That is my belief and the story of All My Relations.

Heather L Barrett

All My Relations

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